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DAUAA 2009 Research Paper Competition
Click here for 2009 Winners.

The DAU Alumni Association (DAUAA), in support of the DAU Research Program, is proud to announce the second annual acquisition research paper competition.  This competition is known as the Edward Hirsch Acquisition and Writing Award (Hirsch Award) in memory of the late distinguished DAU faculty member, Edward Hirsch.   

This year’s topic:  The Acquisition Workforce Management Challenge: Winning the war for talent. 

Winning papers will receive a cash prize and papers will be presented at the 2009 DAUAA Acquisition Community Symposium. 

This competition has several purposes:

?to enhance the professional stature of DoD acquisition, and to officially recognize outstanding research efforts within the acquisition community

?to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing in conjunction with the theme of the annual DAU Acquisition Community Symposium

?to generate acquisition-related research studies/articles for the Defense Acquisition Review Journal.

Ground Rules:

?The competition is open to anyone interested in the DoD acquisition system and is not limited to government or contractor personnel.

? Employees of the federal government (including military personnel) are encouraged to compete and are eligible for cash awards unless the paper was researched or written as part of the employee’s official duties or was done on government time. If the research effort is performed as part of official duties or on government time, the employee would be eligible for a non-cash prize, i.e. certificate and donation of cash prize to a CFC-registered charity of winner’s choice.

? First prize is $1,000. Second prize is $500.

?The format of the paper must be in accordance with guidelines for articles submitted for the Defense ARJ, which can be found on the DAU Web site at

?The theme for 2009 is: “The Acquisition Workforce Management Challenge: Winning the war for talent.?

? Research Papers are due November 15, 2008.

? Papers should be submitted to the DAU Director of Research: Dr. Paul Alfieri, 703-805-5282 or

? Papers will be evaluated by a panel selected by the DAUAA Board of Directors and the DAU Director of Research.

? Winners will be announced and papers will be presented at the DAUAA 2009 Acquisition Community Symposium in April 2009.

Potential topics for Research Papers:

?nbsp;       Right Shaping the Defense Acquisition Workforce

?nbsp;       Optimal mix of Government Employees, Prime Contractors, and Support Contractors for
   Defense Acquisition

?nbsp;       Program Office Sizing and Organizational Structure

?nbsp;       Retention Issues for the Defense Acquisition Workforce

?nbsp;       Motivations for Government Employment vs. Commercial Employment